The Natural Way of Things

Dear readers,

These days I have been thinking about one topic. After talking to several people, I have realised that there is something in our way of thinking that in my opinion, we should change. Today I am writing about the natural way of things.

I can say I am proud that I have a broad diversity of friends. They come from different countries, they have different lifestyles, habits, sexual orientation and religious and political beliefs.

As it usually happens, when there is such a broad diversity, we all have been raised in different ways and environments. That can make us enter into conflict with our own structure of personal beliefs and values or others. Especially regarding to the way of accepting our own human nature.

In my personal case, I have grown up in a conservative environment. Which is neither right or not. It’s just the way my surroundings were. Despite of that, I can say, and my close friends and relative can confirm, I have a quiet open mind. I can talk freely about sex, politics, usually from a non-judgmental position. However, the problem comes when I look inwards. Then it’s when my own prejudices about The Natural Way of Things start to pop up.


It is common to hear that when somebody feels offended about a person who is homosexual, probably, the reason why is because that person can have homosexual tendencies as well. Honestly, I agree partially with this theory. I think it can be in some cases, but not in others. However, I believe that when we react negatively to situations like this, it is because it is part of our own nature and we do not want to accept it due to our belief system.

Of course, this has been an example. The same might happen when the following situations occur:

  • Expressing our feelings, attraction or sexual desire towards another person
  • Feeling shame of our own bodies, especially in front other people

The cause of all this is our belief system, contaminated by prejudices that the only thing that cause is to prevent us to enjoy what life offers to us and reconnected with our own essence.

Does it mean that you have to have sex with all people, walk naked in front of everyone or behave like an animal? Of course not. We have certain social rules to guarantee communal living.

The word here is respect. And what do we understand by it? It seems obvious, but it’s not. Let’s describe a few examples:

  • You see girl a wearing a short skirt. She is not looking for sex. You do not have to treat her like a slut. She is not. You also have no right to accuse her of provoking or behaving improperly. It’s her body and she has the right to do what she wants with it.
  • You see a gay couple holding hands. They are not fornicating in front of everyone. Let them do. They are just showing love to each other. Is there anything more beautiful than two people showing love to each other?
  • You feel sexual desire towards a person. You communicate it without pushing him or her. If you do it correctly, even if that person declines your offer, he or she might have a self-esteem boost.

Here, what it is wrong, and it seems that people do not understand, is not the feeling or emotion. It is the way you manifest your own nature. With respect, for example, you may look at a girl or a guy who is really attractive, show interest, try to engage into a conversation with that person and making clear you want something, but you step away when that person rejects you. The problem comes when you are, and sorry my language, fucking that person with your own eyes. Sorry, but this is repulsive. The same principle applies in other situations. You can go to a place where nudity is allowed and walk among other people who are naked. You may look, you may engage into a little spicy conversation, but you will not stalk or harass them, or making feel like sexual objects, or as if they were doing something completely wrong.

Rejecting Our Own Nature

Our attitude towards other is bad, but worse it is the attitude towards ourselves. When we deny our own nature, we are starting a self-destruction process that can put in danger, not only ourselves, but also the people surrounding us in the worst case.

I have seen many people who felt ashamed of being in love, or wanting to have sex just for fun, enjoying their own bodies or simply, exposing them in nature to feel freedom. Not everything has a sexual meaning when talking about our own nature.

In the overall, I think that we have a human need to connect with our psyche and body at the same level. What I want to say with all this is that we have to learn how to put our prejudices apart and listen to our basic instinct, letting them talk to ourselves and manifest them within the rules of respect.

Why this long article then? My idea here is simple. I think that the world is full of prejudices, archaic ideas that we should abandon as society in order to integrate different life styles that are more natural to our human needs.

I once read an article on the internet about Naked Yoga. The first thing that came to my mind was that it was a kind of deviant exercise in group to a bunch of people who were horny and probably would end up in an orgy. Fortunately, my rational brain stopped my train of thought and invited me to continue with the article.

Apparently, a class of Naked Yoga is like any other type of yoga you already know. The only difference is that all participants carry their own mats (hygienic reasons, of course), they take off their clothes and start the class all together. The idea of this kind of discipline is to bring the experience of yoga to a different level, which is learning how to accept our own bodies and others, connecting with our own nature. Are you over- or underweight? Full of hair? Short? Tall? Who cares. The most important thing here is to learn that without our clothes, we all are the same human beings, equally strong and weak, perfect just the way we are. Because when we get rid of the clothes, there are no social classes. No fancy dresses or watches, just bodies.

To sum up, I think that we as a society, we should try to reframe our way of thinking and focus more on our self-care, enjoying our nature and embracing it, putting aside our prejudices, letting others live as long as they are not harming us.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Jorge Ruiz Fernández


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